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1996        by Tom Fassbender    
Mike Mignola Interview

August 96    by Christopher Brayshaw
Interview Mike Mignola, excerpted from The Comics Journal #189

June 1997    by Andy Diggle    
Mike Mignola Interview

1998        by Christopher Irving    
RAISING HELLBOY: Mike Mignola on the development of Hellboy and his work past, present, and future

March 12 1998   
in the Playboy-Dark Horse Chat with Mike Mignola

November 1999    by Bill Baker   
To HELLBOY and Back - An Interview with Mike Mignola

June 2001    by Roger Ash, Westfield Comics   
Mike Mignola Interview

July 17 2001     by Keith Giles, CBR   
Mike Mignola Interview

January 31 2002    by Dan Epstein   
Interview: Mike Mignola

February 2002    by Debbie,   
Mike Mignola – The Chicken Interview with the Chick

June 2002    by Shawna Ervin-Gore,   
Mike Mignola Interview

Febuary 2003    by Adam Gallardo    
Interview Mike Mignola

2004    by Joshua Zyber, DVD talk   
The Project From Hell - Writer Peter Briggs Talks About Hellboy: The Movie

April 7 2004    by Gary Butler, Rue Morgue Magazine #38   
Mike Mignola on Hellboy

August 11 2006    by Daniel Robert Epstein   
Hellboy creator Mike Mignola

October 25 2006    by Pony Express   
Scott Allie Interview

2007        by Francis Rizzo III, DVD Talk   
Drawn to Hellboy - Mike Mignola and Tad Stones talk about animation hell

February 15 2007    by Richard George, IGN Comics   
Hellboy's Mike Mignola - All the latest on Hellboy including comics, television shows and the next movie

March 2007    by Billy Chainsaw   
Hellboy creator Mike Mignola talks about the cartoon adventure “Sword Of Storms”

March 20 2007   by Steve Ekstrom, excerpt from Newsrama    
Interview Mike Mignola

June 2 2007    by David Server   
Interview Mike Mignola

June 30 2007    by   
Interview with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola

December 10 2007  by Joel Meadows, Image Comics   
Mike Mignola - excerpt from “studio space”

February 1 2008     by IESB   
On Set Interviews: The Many Faces of Doug Jones on Hellboy II, Guillermo del Toro talks HELLBOY II!, Selma Blair on Hellboy II: The Golden Army!

April 14 2008    by   
Mike Mignola’s advice to young writers and artists

April 19 2008     by Andy Khouri, CBR News   
NYCC: Hellboy Dominates 2008

Apr 30 2008      by Van Jensen   
Paul Azaceta on Daredevil, Monkey Art and 'B.P.R.D: 1946'

May 28 2008    by Brian Heater,    
Interview: Mike Mignola


July 9 2008     By George 'El Guapo' Roush,
Exclusive: Hellboy II Interview With Creature Effects Shop Spectral Motion!

July 9 2008    by Jesse Schedeen, IGN Comics   
Mignola On The Hellboy Juggernaut - Hellboy's creator discusses working on the new film and bringing the demon's story to a close

July 10 2008    by Alex Billington   
Hellboy II's Creature Mastermind - Doug Jones!

July 10 2008     by Emmett Furey, CBR   
Mignola talks "Hellboy II"

July 11 2008    by Dominic   
Interview: Mike Mignola on Hellboy

July 11 2008    by   
There Will Be Monsters: 20 Questions with Mike Mignola

July 15 2008    by Josh Gordon,   
Father of the Beast: Mike Mignola Interview - Hellboy's Creator Speaks!

July 22 2008    by John Charles, The Action Figure Hub   
An Interview With Hellboy’s Mr. Wink Brian Steele

July 24 2008    by Jason Heller, The A.V. Club   
Mike Mignola Interview

August 11 2008    by Monica Valentinelli, Flames Rising   
Interview with Tad Stones, Producer and Writer for Animated Hellboy

August 12 2008    by Craig Grannell,   
Hellboy week on Revert to Saved

November 11 2008    by Ben Rhudy, M&C   
Writer Mike Mignola chats about Hellboy, the B.P.R.D., and a possible third movie

November 13 2008    by Aaron Albert,    
About the "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" DVD - Chapel of Moloch - The Future of Hellboy

December 5 2008    by FPI   
Talking with Abe – we chat to Doug Jones

December 7 2008    by   
Drawing the Right Hand of Doom – we talk to Mike Mignola

January 26 2009    by Eric Orchard   
Mignola and Golden about Baltimore, A Haunted World

May 15 2009    by Alex Carr,   
Graphic Novel Fridays: ECCC 2009: Interview with Mike Mignola

October 8 2009     by Jay Tomio    
BSC Beat Interview – Talking Hellboy with Mark Chadbourn

October 12 2009    by Elisabeth, - Things From Another World   
Mike Mignola:  Talks About 15 Years of Hellboy, B.P.R.D. & More

March 22 2010    by Kiel Phegley, CBR News   
TO HELLBOY AND BACK: Mike Mignola / 5 part interview

August 25 2010     by Gregory Manchess   
An interview with colorist Dave Stewart

January 21 2011    by CBR News   
Scott Allie talks about “B.P.R.D.: The Dead Remembered” and his role in the making


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